Curious Glass 好奇者眼镜

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The Curious Glass

Curious Glass

The curious glass is an improved version of google cardboard, increasing computer screen projection capabilities, to see the game, video, text and page content ordinary class.

好奇者眼镜是google cardboard的改进版本,增加电脑屏幕投射功能,可看普通文字类的页面内容。

Main features

  • 1. the glasses is like google cardboard, but all-acrylic material, waterproof and anti-deformation
  • 2. The size increases to accommodate 4.3-inch -5.5 inch mobile devices
  • 3. when viewing with glasses, you can still operate the phone at any time free
  • 4. With real-time interactive software, the glasses can interoperate with computers, can view the computer screen.
  • 5. there is a the camera window in the front board, the glasses can support AR games and applications


  • 1.采用全亚克力材料制作的类google cardboard眼镜,防水,防变形
  • 2.尺寸增大到适应4.3寸-5.5寸手机设备
  • 3.眼镜支持观看时,依然可以随时随意操作手机
  • 4.实现电脑屏幕和眼镜屏幕实时互动,并可以和电脑互相操作
  • 5.增加摄像头开窗,支持AR类游戏和应用

Manual for the curious glass

 1. Pull the front panel a little bit, and then put the mobile phone from the left side into the slot, pay attention to the left and right split-screen dividing line center
 2. glasses supplied with a small plastic bag with side baffles, foam, screws, nuts
 3. The foam is used for different thickness of the mobile phone and reinforcement, can be attached to the back of the front bezel (with the eye pattern piece)
 4. To open the glass, you can unscrewed three blask screws on the top
 5. in the bottom, there are two oval holes, that is for the finger to operate the mobile phone touch screen and return keys, etc.

The curious software manual

 1. The package CuriousScreen directory unzip to any directory
 2. Extract to the current directory
 3. Run CuriousScreen.exe
 4. Wait a moment, the computer screen becomes gray, leaving only a capture window allows the user to specify the need to capture screen range
 5. drag, stretch screen range, determined to double-click on the highlighted area, the software automatically runs in the background, leaving only a small icon at the bottom right of your desktop
 6. Open your browser and mobile client software (comes with, or chrome, QQ browser, UC browser, etc.), the IP address bar behind the computer to port address plus 5566 plus cb.html (such as computer IP address, enter
 7. It is possible to see the computer screen correspond to the region,
 8. If you look at the text category page, click on the left of the screen, the computer will turn up one page, click on the right of the screen, the computer will turn down one page