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Brief Introduction

Edmund is an IRC robot served in the #szdiy IRC channel, created by TerryOY. The name Edmund comes from TerryOY's favourite tv comedy "Blackadder".

It is originally an exercise application for exploring internet application for Java, since TerryOY was a Java developer. However, it turns out to be a long serving bot for archiving our chat log and having fun while people are in the channel. It randomly chooses funny lines in the corpus to respond people, and you can also easily add more features to it since it is designed in a extensible framework.

The java source code is hosted on github: teatime-apps. (It uses PircBot library for the IRC connection.)

Edmund{TerryOY} on #szdiy@freenode

The official name of Edmund in the SZDIY channel is "Edmund{TerryOY}".

Below is an example how it interacts with people in the chat channel.