Recycle & Reward

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Today, the urban population is growing up fast, and more and more city waste is being generated. Most large cities are surrounded by garbage. So we think of an idea for this problem, we design a system with a garbage bin and the internet server, and make each garbage package traceable. Then we can reward people who classify the garbage, and notify people who can not classify well.

Full Description

1. We make different color bag for different materials, and allocate barcode labels on each bag, so each garbage package can be identified by system.

2. We design a new garbage bin with barcode scanning, weighing, internet connection functions. Normally, the garbage bin is locked, resident can open it only after barcode on the package is scanned and identified. After dump the garbage package into the bin, it can show the weight of the package and send the data to the internet server.


3. The system administrator can read the real time information of all the garbage package collection.


4.And the garbage sorting factory staff can check the package, deduct the improper classified package. Resident can receive the message about reason of improper garbage package.

5.After pass the garbage sorting, resident can get integral exchange gift in the operation office.

Video: Recycle and Rewards